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Exploring the “Hizbullah Cavalcade”

By William Tucker

Here is an excellent article by Phillip Smyth discussing his latest Hizballah Cavalcade project for Jihadology. The article covers the pro-Assad Liwa’a Abu Fadl al-Abbas groups and contains numerous pictures and a few videos. At stake is not only the future of Syria, but the influence of Iran in the wider Middle East. Known movements such as Hizbullah have long been involved in the Syrian civil war, however the group is maintaining its tradition methodology of using a variety of different names to mask the groups involvement. Liwa’a Abu Fadl al-Abbas and other Shia groups may well fall into this category, not to mention the regime in Tehran pulling the strings. The Syrian landscape is a complicated one, and Smyth does a great job of shining light on one very important dimension of the conflict.

William Tucker serves as a senior security representative to a major government contractor where he acts as the Counterintelligence Officer, advises on counterterrorism issues, and prepares personnel for overseas travel. His additional duties include advising his superiors in matters concerning emergency management and business continuity planning.

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