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EDM Monday Briefing: Weather Blamed for Crash That Injured 20 on I-64 in Virginia

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Emergency and disaster management briefing for November 18, 2019: Icy roads and heavy fog are being blamed for a crash that injured at least 19 on I-64 early Sunday; a shooting at a high school football game on Friday in New Jersey left two wounded; two jets collided on the tarmac at the Frankfurt Airport; floodwater damage in Venice is estimated to be at least $1 billion; a gas explosion in Chittagong in Bangladesh kills at least 7 people; PG&E warns of possible PSPS on Wednesday amid NWS wind forecast; suspected gunman in California high school shooting is dead as investigators search for a motive; and the Pacific Island nation of Samoa has declared a state of emergency due to a measles outbreak.

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1) Icy roads and heavy fog caught drivers off guard early Sunday morning in Virginia, leading to [link url=”” title=”a crash on I-64 that injured at least 20 people”]. A charter bus was unable to avoid [link url=”” title=”a tractor-trailer that had overturned across the roadway”], and struck the vehicle, splitting it in half. The incident, which involved about seven other vehicles, occurred outside Charlottesville, and [link url=”” title=”the highway patrol was forced to close the eastbound lanes for several hours”].

2) A shooting at a high school football game in New Jersey on Friday left at least [link url=”” title=”two people wounded, including a 10-year-old boy who was listed in critical condition”]. Six people were arrested in connection with the shooting, which occurred at a playoff game between Camden and Pleasantville. The incident occurred during the third quarter, and [link url=”” title=”authorities stated that the shooting had nothing to do with the city or the game”], it was an act of violence brought in by outsiders.

3) [link url=”” title=”Two passenger jets collided on the tarmac”] at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The incident, which occurred shortly after they both landed at the airport on Saturday evening, involved an Air Namibia aircraft and a Korean Air Boeing 777. The collision was reportedly light, and no passengers were injured, but it [link url=”″ title=”damaged the horizontal stabilizer on the Korean Air 777, and the wingtip of Air Namibia aircraft”].

4) Venice, Italy is once again under water, and floodwaters have now reached the [link url=”” title=”second-highest level ever recorded in the city–a whopping 6.14 feet”]. Another exceptionally high tide swamped the city on Sunday, forcing the closure of St. Mark’s Square, the tourist hot spot in Venice, with damages from the past week’s flooding estimated at about $1 billion. [link url=”” title=”Heavy rain and severe weather, including a windstorm, have impacted other cities across Italy”], with one motorist being injured when a tree toppled onto the vehicle.

5) [link url=”” title=”A gas explosion in the busy port city of Chittagong”] in Bangladesh killed at least seven people and left 25 others injured. A gas pipeline explosion in front of a five-story building collapsed portions of the front boundary wall, which caused it to fall into the busy street that was full of people. Authorities are unsure about what caused the explosion, although [link url=”” title=”lax monitoring in the country is being blamed for faulty gas lines that often cause accidents”].

6) A strong offshore wind event could prompt another round of Public Service Power Shutoffs (PSPS) by Pacific Gas & Electric on Wednesday. The wind event is being forecast by the National Weather Service (NWS), which could [link url=”” title=”prompt power shutoffs in the Sierra Foothills, North Valley, and North Bay areas, impacting approximately 180,000 customers”]. The company has implemented the PSPS in an attempt to avoid their equipment sparking wildfires in hot and dry conditions.

7) The suspected gunman in the shooting at the Saugus High School on Friday morning in California, died later that day at the hospital. According to reports, [link url=”” title=”Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow, 16, was allegedly carrying out a deliberate plan when he shot and killed two students and wounded three others before shooting himself in the head”]. Authorities have not found a manifesto, diary or any other record of Berhow’s plan, which unfolded in a mere 16 seconds.

8) The Pacific Island nation of [link url=”” title=”Samoa declared a state of emergency this weekend due to an outbreak of the measles”], which has prompted the government to order mandatory  vaccinations. A measles epidemic was declared in October after the first deaths, and there has been to date, a total of 714 cases, of which 40 percent required hospitalization, along with another seven deaths. Majority of the [link url=”” title=”deaths were infants under the age of two”], and all of those who died were unvaccinated individuals.


Kimberly Arsenault serves as an intern at the Cleveland/Bradley County Emergency Management Agency where she works on plan revisions and special projects. Previously, Kimberly spent 15 years in commercial and business aviation. Her positions included station manager at the former Midwest Express Airlines, as well as corporate flight attendant, inflight manager, and charter flight coordinator. Kimberly currently holds a master's degree in emergency and disaster management from American Public University.

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