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Digital Forensics in Law Enforcement

Start a criminal justice degree at American Military University.

An increasing number of criminals are employing technology and conducting their activities online. That means today’s law enforcement officers must have the skills and knowledge to conduct thorough digital investigations. To better prepare students for what they’ll encounter in the field, American Military University has restructured its Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice to focus on digital forensics.

Learn more about what topics are covered in the updated program and how it will align students with the evolution of criminal activity:

For more information on forensic science, check out the resources below:

Dr. Chuck Russo

Dr. Chuck Russo is the Department Chair of Human Justice at AMU. His law enforcement career involved all areas of patrol, training, special operations and investigations. He continues to design and instruct courses. His recent research focuses on emerging technology in law enforcement, post-traumatic stress, and nongovernment intelligence actors.

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