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DANTES offers new counseling system: Kuder® Journey

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Kuder Journey is coming soon and will be available to active duty military personnel and Service members in transition, making it a valuable resource during the military-to-civilian transition process. Providing tailored career guidance to our military Service members is important to DANTES, which is why we are providing this intuitive career planning system designed to address each user’s individual situation. Check the DANTES Web site ( for more information.

The system can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection, 24/7/365. Login to to begin using Journey’s comprehensive, evidence-based approach to lifelong educational planning and career development. For new users, the registration process is smooth and simple, allowing for immediate access to start achieving success.

Journey includes a variety of comprehensive and user-friendly tools to help any adult through career and degree planning and the job search process. It enables users to explore new career directions, consider education and training, and seek current opportunities.

To help users make informed decisions about their future, Journey guides them through an easy step-by-step process, providing a reliable and effective career planning and development experience. The flexible process allows users to complete the steps in order or to select the step that will meet their immediate needs.

Step 1: Assessments
The career planning process starts with learning about oneself. Journey’s research-based interests, skills, and work values assessments kick-start exploration and ultimately encourage more career satisfaction.

Step 2: Occupations
If users are looking to transfer skills to another job, find a job related to a specific college major, military occupational specialty, or simply start the search from scratch, Journey allows them to search and narrow down a list of occupations that are right for them.

Step 3: Education & Financial Aid
Users can align careers of interest with related educational or training requirements to determine a future path and learn about financial aid options, including the GI Bill.

Step 4: Job search tools
Planning and preparation are critical before taking that major step towards the next career. Journey provides the tools to create a résumé, write a cover letter, collect references, update interviewing skills, and more!

Step 5: Jobs
Once a person has effectively learned about their options and prepared for opportunities, the next step is finding a job. Journey offers a number of ways to research employers, find local companies, and locate available jobs.

The Kuder Journey Tools are Tailored for the Military

Veterans or active members of the military can utilize the main features and tools of Journey as well as their own tailored options. For those wishing to pursue new education, the system provides access to information about the GI Bill. If individuals are looking to transition into civilian employment, resources are provided that enable users to find government employment opportunities; military financial aid; military-friendly employers; and certified counselors who can aid in the transition back into the community.

Apply ASVAB scores to job search – Individuals can input scores from their Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score report. Journey uses these scores to provide occupations for users to consider. Additionally, Journey combines ASVAB scores with other completed assessments to suggest and narrow a list of occupations.

Offers information on the GI Bill of Rights – This tool connects users directly to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and GI Bill Web site. Users can access information about the GI Bill of Rights and available educational benefits.

Helps members find military-friendly employers – Users can find employers looking for those with military experience. The site also provides users with resources to help them take advantage of the benefits of Service – government benefits, scholarships, discounts, mentors, inspiring stories, and more.

Helps members translates military to civilian jobs – Uses a Military to Civilian Occupation Translator to find the closest matches between military and civilian occupations.

Getting started – DANTES encourages all Service members to take advantage of this free career guidance system. For more information, contact:

  1. your local education center
  2. DANTES Counseling Support at
  3. Kuder Customer Support at or 877-999-6227

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