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Cyber-Awareness Month Cyber Snapshot: Bradley Deacon

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Bradley Deacon

Current Position: Senior Investigator Cyberbullying and Cyber Abuse Team at The Office of the eSafety Commissioner (Australia)

On why cybersecurity is important to him:

As one of the inaugural Federal Agents in the early nineties of the Australian Federal Police Computer Crime Unit that secured the first arrest and conviction of an Australian computer hacker, I have always had an interest in cybersecurity.

In the ever-connected world, the security landscape has changed, cybersecurity needs to be front of mind just like ‘stranger danger’ was to children in the 1970’s and 80’s. The Internet of Things (IoT), interconnectedness, the cloud, and cryptocurrencies have demonstrated the vulnerabilities we all face in the digital age.

Cybersecurity must not be an afterthought with startups, developers or current technology-based corporations. It is important to adopt the principles of ‘Safety by Design’ (SbD) from the outset of design or at the very least have them incorporated in current products and or practices.

Overall, robust cybersecurity practices as a forethought enable risk management experts to develop strong cybersecurity risk management principles that can be considered and applied across the connected ‘world’.

On why he volunteers his time as a lawyer:

I believe that those that are in a position to give back to the community should try and contribute to society as best they can. In a digital world, the law is one area that struggles to keep up with the advances in technology and laws relating to cyber are constantly being tested in courts across the globe. By focusing on the current and emerging issues with technology and the law I am able to dedicate my time researching the numerous international instruments and laws pertaining to cyber and pass on my knowledge to the less fortunate which in turn may help them comprehend how complex cyber laws are and that may be relevant to their issues.

On what he would recommend to others considering following his career path:

Never stop learning, even though I have degrees in Criminal Justice, Law, National Security (MA) and postgraduate certificates in Criminology, Legal Practice, and Distance Education I believe in lifelong learning where I am completing a Graduate Certificate in Cybercrime from American Military University.

Additionally, I believe it is important to continually network, actively share and engage on social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn and by sharing subject matter across those channels that are relevant to your current or future career aspirations.

On how AMU has helped him achieve his career goals:

I am fortunate enough to have completed my Masters in National Security at AMU where I have applied the knowledge gained from my studies as a lawyer and senior cyber investigator. Additionally, by continually upskilling at AMU with post-graduate studies, I am building on the foundations established at AMU by remaining current in my field.

His future goals:

I aim to become a thought leader in my field of cyber law and in particular technology-facilitated abuse and give back to society as best I can so that victims of cybercrime and technology-facilitated abuse can seek legal solutions that may be available for them to turn too.

His favorite quote:

“Let’s work the problem people. Let’s not make things worse by guessing.” (Gene Kranz)

Get started on your cybersecurity degree at American Military University.

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