Public Safety


By Leischen Stelter

As a law enforcement officer, you pull over a man for speeding. He speaks no English. He hands you a Mexican passport. What do you do? What legal steps and obligations do you have when it comes to this man’s immigration status? What agency do you call? What resources do you have at your disposal? Here are some tips from a former ICE attorney about what police should know about immigration laws.

By Michael Sale

It always seems eerie to me when I’m attending a conference and the subject of the event is playing out in real life, somewhere else. Such was the case at the recent World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM)when news spread that a mall, in Elliot Lake, Ontario, had collapsed, prompting a call for a Toronto-based HUSAR (Heavy Urban Search and Rescue) team to be dispatched to search for trapped survivors.

By Kerry Givens

To truly understand the concept of terrorism and its recent connection to drug cartels we must first understand that terrorism justifies its violent actions based on alleged, collective principles. It is important to know how wrong thinking can replace right thinking in relation to these principles, and why those who engage in terrorist activity might believe God is asking this of them.

By Leischen Stelter

Today, the Murrieta, Calif. city council will be considering a plan to force residents to pay a subscription fee for emergency services. The proposed fee would cost $4 per month per household and residents who choose not pay the fee will have to pay for their emergency services out of pocket, according to this article. The reason? Money, of course, or rather the lack of it.

By Anthony Mangeri

Colorado is currently in the midst of the worst fire season on record. According to the National Interagency Coordination Center’s Incident Management Situation Report for Thursday June 28th, there are 13 large fires across the Rocky Mountain Geographic Region Area. Three of these fires are new. One of our professors is a fire captain and was one of the first 100 firefighters to battle the second largest blaze in Colorado. Hear what he has to say about the efforts so far.

By Leischen Stelter In April, I wrote a blog, “Handcuffing Kindergartener is the Safest Way for Police to Respond to Escalating Situation,” after an incident in Georgia led police to handcuff a kindergartner who was throwing a violent tantrum. Yesterday, I received a correspondence from a representative of Strategies for Youth, an organization that aims to promote improved interactions between police officers and children. They drafted a response to the blog post and asked if I would be interested in posting it. I did. Read it now.

By Timothy Hardiman

How can you tell when someone is lying? It’s an age-old question for law enforcement officers and a skill that requires a high-level of training and practice to master. During my study of the topic and extensive experience conducting interviews as a law enforcement officer, I believe it is difficult for investigators to be able to detect deception in routine interviews and interrogations.