By Leischen Stelter

On March 11-12, four AMU students will get a chance to prove they have the best solution to such a significant cyber crisis during the fourth annual Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge. AMU will compete against student teams from other universities to see who can develop the most comprehensive national security policy recommendations to this simulated cyber crisis.

By Tim Hardiman

In January, 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell was kidnapped and killed, allegedly by an 18-year-old man she met through an anonymous messaging application, Kik Messenger. Police officers must have a broad understanding of the dangers of social media apps, how they’re being used by young people, and why they’re so attractive to predators.

Who says school is all work and no play? Learn how American Military University has integrated gamification into its Intelligence Studies degree program. AMU professor Jason Anderson introduced a redesigned “game” that gives students experience collecting and analyzing intelligence in real-time, using one of the fastest growing sources of open-source information: social media.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. For those who work in public safety, cyber security is an especially important topic of interest. For example, keeping personal information private is a critical issue for police officers. Learn more about cyber security best practices and steps you can take to protect your information.

Security breaches in the business world have become commonplace and can have a catastrophic impact on the organization’s people, data, and brand reputation.

True security can only be realized through a comprehensive active approach that incorporates resources throughout the organization. There simply is not a silver bullet that can provide adequate security. However, a company can work to protect itself by incorporating proactive security measures that involve the entire organizational hierarchy.

In July 2015, hackers accessed account information of millions of users of the Ashley Madison, Cougar Life, and Established Men websites. These websites facilitate extramarital affairs as well as romantic and sexual encounters. While this stolen information could result in identity theft and fraud, it may have longer-lasting effects for the criminal justice community. AMU’s Dr. Chuck Russo writes about how this hack could impact current and future law enforcement professionals.

In June, AMU faculty joined a group of maritime and cybersecurity professionals to help the U.S. Coast Guard identify research topics needed to protect the nation’s ports and maritime environment from cyber attacks. Read more from AMU’s Dr. Joe DiRenzo about his experience at the Maritime Cyber Research Summit (MCRS) and the six research topics that were identified during the summit.