By Jinnie Chua

The Darknet provides a platform for countless crimes so law enforcement must be familiar with how it works. Here’s the basic information officers should know about what the Darknet is used for, how it’s related to bitcoin, and what can be done to address the illegal activity that occurs there.

Frank Hooton is a Lieutenant with the JOIC for the Texas Military Department, which is attached to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Ranger Division. He provides intelligence analysis and coordination to the agency. “The most satisfying part of my job is helping make Texas—and the country as a whole—safer by providing good intelligence and enhancing awareness of threats,” he says.

By Leischen Stelter

The U.S. Coast Guard has made cybersecurity a top priority and enlisted the assistance of AMU and other universities to help identify and protect the agency from cyberattacks. On February 29, AMU students and faculty presented their research to USCG officials in California. Learn how students are helping USCG fight maritime cyber threats.