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EP 01 | Break the Case: What Happened to Debbie Sue Williamson?

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There are more than 250,000 unsolved murders across the United States and each one of those cases has left family and friends with no answers about who killed their loved ones. American Military University presents Break the Case, an investigative podcast that follows AMU’s Cold Case Team along their journey to solve a cold case for one of those families.

Debbie Sue Williamson was married less than three months before her murder.

In this season of Break the Case, the team investigates the 46-year-old unsolved murder of Debbie Sue Williamson. In the first episode, learn about Debbie’s brutal murder in her own backyard in 1975 in Lubbock, Texas. Hear from her sister, Liz Flatt, who shares her memories of Debbie, the months leading up to her murder, and the day her sister was killed. Also hear from Debbie’s widower, Doug Williamson, who was married to Debbie for less than three months before he found her stabbed to death 17 times near the back step of their home.

Follow this season of Break the Case, featuring AMU criminal justice and forensic science professor, Jen Bucholtz, and investigative journalist and award-winning true-crime author, George Jared, as they team up to “Break the Case” for the family of Debbie Sue Williamson.

Anyone who has information about Debbie Williamson’s murder is asked to please report tips to the Lubbock Police Department at 806-775-1425 or 806-300-6490.

If you’d like to be a part of the effort and follow along, join the Facebook group dedicated to getting justice for Debbie, Unsolved Murder of Deborah Sue Williamson (Deborah Agnew).

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Jennifer Bucholtz is faculty at American Military University. She is a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Agent and a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She holds a BS in criminal justice, MA in criminal justice and MS in forensic sciences. She worked for the Arizona DOC and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in NYC.

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