Leischen Kranick


By Tim Hardiman – Nearly 15, 000 people were murdered in the United States in 2007. Almost 12,000 men and over 3,000 women according to the FBI’s report “Crime in the United States”. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reports that the majority of these victims knew their killers. Only 29 percent of men are estimated to have been killed by strangers. The figure for women is even more striking: nearly 90 percent of women were murdered by someone they knew. Only 10 percent were killed by people they had never met.

By Dennis Porter – The world of policing is changing quickly. There are new legal decisions, procedures and technical advances almost everyday. How is a police officer working irregular, unpredictable hours supposed to keep up with this? In these economic circumstances, when all budgets are being examined, how can departments afford to keep their officers’ training up-to-date? In this column I will provide some options for agencies and officers to gain free or affordable training and information.

Interested in understanding more about the inner workings of the criminal mind? To catch a criminal, one must study the behavioral clues left behind by the perpetrator. But what does this investigative process entail and what type of a person is fit for piecing together the crime scene puzzle?

Building awareness about emergency preparedness and business continuity for the private and public sector is an ongoing challenge. While…