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How to understand researched information on an online schoolHere’s a quick history refresher. In 1906, Upton Sinclair wrote, “The Jungle,” which publicized unsanitary food processing conditions in the meatpacking industry leaving countless Americans dismayed and wondering, what’s in the sausage?

The novel sparked the Meat Inspection Act, regulations that paved the way to the 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. Now, we have detailed nutrition labels on all foods. We as consumers get to know the tidbits of every product right down to those long laboratory words like maltodextrin or hydrolyzed corn (and yet strangely we’re still wondering, what is that?).

As prospective college students, shouldn’t we also have the right to know exactly what we’re buying upfront?

What do you do when your boss asks for feedback about another employee? Stick to just the facts and always be professional. Base your answers in terms of how well you were able to accomplish a business task while working with this co-worker.

There’s a recent shared belief amongst the experts that the line between online and traditional education is blurring. Traditional universities are adopting the online learning model to enhance educational benefits.

Online education does provide convenience at a distance, but you’ll find that there are more people who are self-disciplined with academic integrity and truly dedicated to lifelong learning than not.

Look, typos happen. If only we had our own staff of editors and communication experts. Instead, we have spellcheck. Try these proofreading tips to elevate your game.

Most accountant positions also require a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Sometimes a related degree will do, but in this competitive job market, it’s ideal to demonstrate a passion for your career by completing a degree that is directly related to it.

Consider a degree your destination, because you’re about to embark on a fulfilling journey. First, you need to select your specific program—one that won’t get you lost along the way.

Science fiction often becomes reality. It’s only a matter of time. So, imagine if there was an educational method in which you could plug a super computer into your brain and download any course you ever wanted.