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Stay in touch by reading up about the world of e-learning

There are numerous websites for you to tap that have scholarly research, theories, best practices, current trends, and discussions all based around the rapidly growing world of distance education. You don’t realize how far the rabbit hole goes until you’ve stepped into it. Visiting these ‘educational’ websites are great for staying on top of new technology in the classroom, best practices for learning, news and events for online schools, and much more.

This list is a great compilation of universities and e-learning advocates provided by another distance learning proponent World Wide Learn:

  • Educational Pathways
    • This newsletter delivers in-depth interviews with individuals in distance and online learning in higher education. A part of the American Library Association and the Distance Learning Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.
  • Technological Horizons in Education (T.H.E.) Journal Online
    • This resource provides webinars, snapshots of what other students are doing across the country, trending news in online education, innovative learning conferences and more
  • The Virtual University Gazette
    • This newsletter has breaking news and expert insight into the world of online learning. It’s a free e-newsletter with articles and stories about the role of online learning in adult and continuing education. It also shares issues connected with the merge of industry and university environments.
  • Journal of Distance Learning Administration
    • A quarterly electronic journal that publishes manuscripts from practitioners and researchers who work in the field distance education management. Published by the State University of West Georgia, this resource is a great background for what educators and administrators are doing in e-learning today.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • Updated daily, and offering readers news related to online education and higher learning.
  • Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education (CITE)
    • This publication is provided the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education  and published by the Association for the Advancement of Computer in Education (AACE).

Sign up for one of these newsletters, or subscribe to their feeds. It’s one way to keep connected to the e-learning community. Coming soon, will be providing online learners with a monthly e-newsletter to stay on top of trending topics in e-learning, the latest technology, and what’s happening in the twitterverse. Stay tuned!

-By J. Mason

If you were looking for a kick in the pants to get you going then I’ve found the site for you. It’s called “To Done.” Their motto is “Stop making to-do lists and start getting things done.” This tool is about taking action with whatever time you have available.

“Being green” starts at home. From the items you throw into the trash, to the amount of time you spend in the shower, it all adds up to an increased overall carbon footprint. If you’re interested in returning to school, however, there are eco-friendly ways of doing so, the most obvious one being attending an online school.

You should always keep learning, even when you’re not being taught. Either you’re nearing the midpoint of your semester, or you’re at a complete stop until your next round of classes begins again. Being productive during this downtime is important to your success as an online learner.