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Are You Terrorist Aware?

By John Cote MSSI, CPP
If I were to ask you what does a terrorist look like, more than 85 percent of you would say a male, between the ages of 18 and 35, dark or olive complexion, with dark hair.
This sounds just like the men who attacked us during 9/11. Al-Qaeda is keenly aware of the terrorist profile used by most police agencies and security organizations in order to determine potential hostile threats.

In my view, the next large attack will not be made by Middle Eastern men. My guess is that either Canadian nationals or members of the U.S. gang population will play a large roll in the next attack on the United States.
With all this in mind do you think you are terrorist aware at this moment? Do you think you would be able to spot the next group of people who would want to do us extreme harm. My guess is that you wouldn’t because Al-Qaeda knows what you are looking for, so therefore they will present a completely different threat profile. This is why we must keep our minds open to all the possibilities and not get caught in the tunnel vision of the past.

John Cote is a terrorism and security analyst currently living in the Czech Republic. Cote holds a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence from American Military University.

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