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Alumni Stories: Moving into Transportation and Logistics

By John Robert Morton, Student and Affairs Liaison, and Jermichael Hill, AMU Graduate

Jermichael Hill, a transportation and logistics management alumnus from American Military University (AMU), is also a huge baseball fan. At a recent networking event hosted at the T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, Jermichael and his wife spent time with Student and Alumni Affairs manager Kisha LoBianco and others, talking about his journey to Seattle from Ohio.

At this alumni event, Jermichael met many current students and alumni, putting faces to the names he saw online. He says, “The staff welcomed my wife and I. We took pictures and got acquainted, and they made us feel welcome at the event.

Jermichael Hill transportation and logistics management Morton
Jermichael Hill, AMU alumnus

“The journey was far away from home and was well worth the time and effort to get there. The game and atmosphere were exciting and electrifying, with thousands of fans cheering on the Mariners.  The food was great. Simply put, we had a blast.”

Jermichael’s story, like many graduates from the University, includes a desire to achieve something great. He also maintained his dedication and discipline throughout his academic journey. Jermichael says, “I knew what I did not want in life, and that drove me to success.”

Realizing the Value of Hard Work

Jermichael did not always have a good family structure in his early years, and he often experienced hardship in his personal life due to a lack of resources and support.

For instance, Jermichael’s mother was not always around for Jermichael and his siblings due to her own challenges, which made things hard on Jermichael’s family. At times, he and his siblings were taken in by their aunt or other family members. 

During the times he lived with his aunt, Jermichael experienced some semblance of normalcy due to a more structured environment. That normalcy made Jermichael realize the value of hard work, a realization that would serve him well in the future.

Pursuing His Educational Journey

Despite Jermichael’s childhood, he has always been disciplined, focused and independent. In high school, Jermichael excelled at both music and culinary arts, which made it difficult for him to choose a major. He was offered a music scholarship to Central University, but Jermichael ultimately chose to attend Sullivan University to pursue an associate degree in culinary arts.  

Developing a Knowledge of Transportation and Logistics

Jermichael graduated from Sullivan in 1994 and took a position as a restaurant opener at TGI Fridays. In 2002, he joined the U.S. Army as a reservist. Serving in a military unit sparked his interest in transportation and logistics.

After Jermichael left the Army, he obtained a commercial driver’s license in 2003, working for C.R. England. In 2004, he moved on to be a trainer.

In 2011, Jermichael enrolled at DeVry University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management. The degree in management was another step in preparing for his future.

Jermichael started a new role with Celadon Trucking Company in 2014. He became an owner-operator in a program that allowed drivers to lease trucks, operate, and manage their own fleets within the company. 

As an owner-operator, Jermichael managed up to 10 trucks in his fleet. He also did long-haul trucking, which kept him away from home and family for long periods.

After leaving Celadon Trucking, Jermichael withdrew from being an owner-operator, returned to long-haul trucking and spent time considering the next move in his career. In 2020, Jermichael decided to change to local driving in order to be home with his family every day.

Entering the transportation and logistics industry was not a difficult decision for Jermichael.  He saw great potential in the field as it covers many aspects of the supply chain. 

Jermichael observes, “The supply chain is a vital component of an economy, as was evident during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the right approach and good discipline are necessary in any career.” 

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Furthering His Education in Transportation and Logistics Management

Now that he was in local driving and could spend more personal time with his family, other challenges became appealing. Jermichael then decided to further his education by seeking a master’s degree in transportation and logistics management at AMU. 

He enrolled in September of 2021 and completed his degree in August 2022, despite the challenges of juggling a family, work, and classes. Overall, he enjoyed the educational online experience since he was able to complete course requirements at his convenience despite a hectic schedule.

Jermichael says, “I found the professors very professional, understanding and easy to work with. Also, the class forums were very interesting and interactive, and my classmates were very respectful and considerate in their communications.”

Jermichael has also inspired a love of education in his children. Two of his children are college graduates and currently working on their own master’s degrees. Two other children are pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

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Future Goals

Jermichael’s future goal is to eventually make a second attempt at a small business venture. Ideally, he would like to operate a local series of cold storages or cross-docking facilities.

Jermichael observes, “I would say that I am pleased and satisfied with my progress so far. As a little boy in Dayton, Ohio, I learned early on to appreciate the simple things in life based on my limited resources. Remaining focused, confident in my abilities and what I did not want for my life kept me grounded.” 

Advice to Other Students Interested in Transportation and Logistics

For anyone who may be interested in the same transportation and logistics path he has taken, Jermichael recommends developing tremendous discipline, focus and a willingness to make sacrifices, especially for students who are parents. Despite the challenges of the transportation and logistics industry, he says that it can be satisfying in many ways.

About the Author

John Robert Morton is a Student & Alumni Affairs Liaison and has been with the University for 13 years. His bachelor’s degree in European history is from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. He also completed master’s degrees in political science and sports management from American Military University. As a liaison, John Robert enjoys helping students and alumni to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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