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Al-Qaeda and Islamic Warriors Using Immigration and a “Trojan Horse”

By Shelley Smith
AP Photo - Recruit in training at a secret terrorist camp
As James Gordon Meek, with the Daily News Washington Bureau broke the article, Experts See Rise in Western-Looking Recruits Training in Terrorist Camps on December 2, 2007, and as the newly released U.S. National Intelligence Estimate Iran Report shakes up policymakers for the geopolitical problem in Iran; the lingering and growing problem of global Al-Qaeda recruitment is picking up speed.
The recruitment of Al-Qaeda Anglo-featured converts from Europe and Fair-Skinned Al-Qaeda killers with light-colored eyes has picked up momentum by Al-Qaeda, yet this is not a recent occurrence as is being portrayed. In 2006, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina – AP writer, William J. Kole, presented an article Are Terrorists Recruiting “White Muslims?
He reported that a 252-page confidential intelligence report compiled by Croatian and U.S. intelligence revealed terrorists worked on non-Arab sympathizers (“white Muslims”) as far back as four years ago. To bypass security obstacles militant recruiters desired recruits with Western features who could blend in environments and execute attacks especially after 9/11.
A good example of the Al-Qaeda quest of blending into Western societies and causing extreme violence and destruction can be seen through the Takfiri ideology and the Takfiri organization, Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad or (Group of Monotheism and the Holy Struggle). They are a breed of Islamic fundamentalist and use immigration as a “Trojan Horse” to expand “jihad” or holy war. They can blend in to societies to organize, and plan with less risk of being identified, intercepted, or interfered with to carry out their plans of action. The Intelligence community considers the “white Jihadists” as a continuing concern for national security and European countries.
Their advantage is not just in how they can blend in, but in how they can get into the United States, through a travel loophole that allows approximately 15 million people to enter the United States from 18 different European countries without a visa. Closer to our borders is the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim terrorist group who took root in South America in the Tri-border or Triple Frontier region in the 70s, that is divided by the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.
In the QJ Winter Supplement 2006 Vol. V, No. 4 (Russian) “Countering Ideological Support for Terrorism”, The European Union issued a report in 2005 on “The EU Strategy for Combating Radicalization and Recruitment to Terrorism” and made this issue a priority as the EU works through an identity crisis and works on internal and external challenges, while striving to counter extremists rhetoric and highlight their criminal activities. The U.S. and others are concerned about Western styled terrorists who can be “home-grown” terrorists who are trained in secret training camps. With the way terrorist techniques are now evolving the United States could be challenged with home-grown terrorist as is Europe and else where.

About the author
Shelley Smith is an expert in analysis and research on national and international law, foreign affairs, criminal justice systems and the psychology of criminal behavior. Smith is currently working toward a B.A. in Intelligence Studies with a focus on analysis and terrorism at American Military University.

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