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Air Superiority Key to U.S. Dominance in the Pacific

 By Kerry Givens

Since the end of the Cold War, the Russian and Chinese defense industries  have lagged  far behind in  the  race  for the  acquisitions  of advanced technology in the global markets.  With the acquisition of sophisticated 5th generation  radar defense systems,  coupled with hypersonic surface to air missile technology  and 5th generation fighter aircraft technology  the Russian Federation and Chinese Defense Ministries have  propelled  its  global reach into the 21st Century. The  Russian Federation and Chinese defense contractors have  produced air defense systems which are completely impenetrable  to all US combat aircraft  other that  the F22A Raptor, F35 Lighting and   B-2A Spirit.  The New Russian-Indo  Sukhoi PA-FA ( joint fighter program between India and Russian Federation)  and Chinese J20 are just the latest and  poor attempt to counter the superior abilities of the F22A Raptor.

According to American Air force officials “The F-22 is better than any other aircraft in the world at air-to-ground except for the F-35, and the F-35 is better than any other aircraft in the world at air-to-air except for the F-22”.

The American Air Force with the integration of fifth generation aircraft is gaining new tactical advantages that transcend beyond just stealth into areas such as enhanced maneuverability, multi-role capabilities and fused sensor and avionics systems that can communicate with other weapons systems.

That level of interoperability is a large part of what makes the fifth generation Aircraft so vital to the Air Force and U.S. military in general, he added. Aircraft must not only be stealth, but also be highly maneuverable, be able to conduct multiple roles, and these aircraft must also be able to handle sensor and avionics information in a network integrated way not only for the pilot, but for the entire joint force. It is this ability that will  counter Russian and Chinese influence in the Pacific and maintain the safety of US allies and interest for decades to come.  The US must find the budget to ensure air superiority remains a hallmark of the United States of America


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