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Afghans Bearing Brunt of Insider Attacks

By William Tucker

Six Afghan policemen were killed today by a fellow officer who may have been recruited by the Taliban to carry out the attack. Insider attacks targeting NATO members have been reported on extensively – commonly known as “green on blue” attacks – but it is the Afghan forces that have received the majority of the damage. The capabilities of some Afghan forces have improved in recent years, but this hasn’t had an appreciable impact on low-level Taliban operations. Taliban faithful have proven quite adept at infiltrating the Afghan government all the while carrying out guerilla type assaults across the country. The most apparent reason is that NATO and Afghan forces are still too much of a hindrance for a full Taliban resurgence. But the Taliban won’t have to wait long, however. U.S. and NATO allies are planning to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, but even then the Taliban is unlikely to have the numbers to fully reassert control over the country. Of course, the Taliban know this are doing what they can to better position themselves following the U.S. withdrawal. This includes sowing uncertainty among Afghan police and military forces for the sake of undermining morale. With a weakened but still potent hand, the Taliban are bent on making their movement seem more powerful than it really is.

William Tucker serves as a senior security representative to a major government contractor where he acts as the Counterintelligence Officer, advises on counterterrorism issues, and prepares personnel for overseas travel. His additional duties include advising his superiors in matters concerning emergency management and business continuity planning.

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