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Actionable Intelligence Roundup

This Intelligence report includes information from open and closed intelligence sources. Not all information is able to be verified; however, the TAM-C is actively evaluating the reporting to establish its accuracy and to determine if it represents a possible link to terrorism. For more information about these intelligence briefings, visit

Iraqi Smuggling Ring Busted in Peru Reveals Other Threats
Last week the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) speculated that Al Qaeda will use its Al Qaeda in Iraq connection to perpetrate an attack on American soil. This raises the suspicion to Iraqi refugees entering the US under illegal circumstances. Peruvian Law Enforcement officials have busted a criminal ring based in Lima, Peru that smuggled Iraqi citizens into the US by using stolen and altered European passports. EU civilians do not need a visa to visit the US. Reports say that over a dozen Iraqis have been arrested in the last month with stolen Dutch and German passports.
Earlier intelligence reports have stated that the entrance of foreign Muslim extremists with European passports is a likely scenario for a large attack being carried out on US soil. Jihadi websites have posted articles about this modus operandi, exploiting the visa-free agreements between the US and European countries. Past TAM-C reports have warned about an increase of especially violent smuggling operations on the Mexican Border and a large increase in OTM (Other Than Mexican) illegals. TAM-C is also warning of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) border patrols becoming targets for cross-border attacks by smugglers and terrorist entities south of the border.

Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM/GSPC) attack Train Carrying Gas in Algeria
An Algerian soldier was wounded in the secondary explosion caused by a bomb set on the tracks and detonated with the arrival of a gas cargo train. The second bomb detonated as military arrived on the scene a nearby house.
TAM-C has cautioned about the threat of homegrown terrorists using trains carrying explosive or Hazardous Materials as a ready made bomb. All that is needed is a smaller bomb to ignite a freight car or to knock the train off the tracks. Many American towns are built on major railroad paths, turning this type of transportation and cargo into a backdoor time bomb. A bomb could be attached to a specific train car or could be placed on the tracks and detonated by remote control or cell phone. This was the type of attack (using this MO) conducted in Algeria. It may be repeated in Europe and America. (See European Threats)

European Threats
Italian Police Arrest Moroccan Imam Using Local Mosque as a Terror School
The city of Perugia in Italy was the scene of the arrests of three Moroccans who where providing terror related training. The training included weapons training, hand-to-hand combat, preparation of poisons, preparations of explosives, and piloting a Boeing 747. Chemical substances found on the site may have been used in bomb making experiments.

Polish Military Intelligence Arrest Palestinian Suspected of Ties with Al Qaeda
The individual was arrested with a fake passport after several days of MI surveillance. The false ID is thought to be connected to a Polish network (recently busted) producing fake passports and other documents used by groups with links to international militants.

German Authorities are on High Alert for Jihadis Returning from Pakistani Terror Camps
Germany has been high on the Al Qaeda threat list along with German interests abroad. The alert comes from concrete evidence that 14 German passport holding Islamic radicals have traveled to Pakistan to take part in a terror training camp and have since returned to Germany.
The threats to European cities comes from first and second generation immigrants (from Islamic countries like North Africa, Turkey, Pakistan, and the Balkans) who have EU passports and can travel freely throughout the western world.

Taliban Suicide Campaign Under Way, as Promised by Pakistani Islamic Clerics
Islamic militants in Pakistan have been threatening to force Jihad on Pakistan in the form of hundreds of suicide bombers. After General Pervez Musharraf’s aggressive moves on the Lil Misjad (Red Mosque) in Islamabad, Al Qaeda and the Taliban declared Jihad on Pakistan. A string of suicide bombings have followed killing over 150 people in a few days.
The amount of trained suicide bombers immediately available supports western intelligence presumption that Pakistan has become the center for Islamic Radical militancy and is the current base for both Al Qaeda and Taliban militant training camps near the Waziristani border-region with Afghanistan. The lack of a base for operation many say has been the reason Al Qaeda has not been able to carry out large 9/11 style attacks.

Anti-government Protests in Tacoma
Washington’s Smash Ice protest movement, aimed at disrupting the efforts of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, will be conducting protests at the Tacoma Federal Building, located on Pacific Ave between S 17th Street and S 19th Street anytime that ICE enforcement officers conduct raids. These protests will be taking place the day after each raid.

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