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Actionable Intelligence Round Up

By Aaron Richman
This Intelligence report includes information from open and closed intelligence sources. Not all information is able to be verified; however, the TAM-C is actively evaluating the reporting to establish its accuracy and to determine if it represents a possible link to terrorism.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Involved in Possible “Dry Run”
Analyts have been notified that earlier this month, a Remote Control Airplane (UAV) hit a Passenger Ferry in the New York/New Jersey area. The event has not received media coverage yet suspicions may point to a “dry run” of a terrorist attack. The technique has been used in Iraq a number of times.
The TSA has put out a warning against “Dry runs” of attempts to carry suspicious objects past airport security. The alert was put out July 20 to its federal air marshals and transportation security officers.
Analysts have reported in the past on the threat of the use of UAVs in precision attacks on targets that may be thought of as “hardened”, including transportation, tall buildings, and sports stadiums.

Al-Qaeda Uses Small Remote-Controlled Explosive-laden Aircraft
For the first time, Al-Qaeda used a small remote controlled explosive aircraft in attempt to destroy President Talabani’s Headquarters in Sulimaniya. Kurdish sources said authorities in Kurdistan thwarted the attack but voiced fear of al Qaeda’s growing technological weapons expertise in Iraq.

SAM Used in South-Western Afghanistan Against Western Air Target
Media reports still have not confirmed, but apparently a SAM (most likely a SA-7 shoulder launched missile) was shot at a C-130 Hercules aircraft on 22JUL2007 over the Nimroz region of Afghanistan. There is a SAM alert for western aircraft in Afghanistan affecting both civilian and military aircraft.

Possible Threat to Pakistani Government Embassies Abroad
In retaliation for President General Musharraf’s actions against Islamic Radicals at Islamabad’s Red Mosque, Al-Qaeda has declared Jihad on Pakistan. There has been a rash of suicide bombing killing dozens in the weeks since the attack on the Mosque. Analysts believe that the rhetoric on the side of Pakistani clerics against the government could incite planned attacks on Official Pakistani Governmental Entities including Embassies, Consulates and all official Diplomatic personnel.
TAM-C analysts consider European cities in which large amounts of Pakistani immigrants live to have the greatest risk of attack.

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