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EP08 | A Big Step Towards Justice for Rebekah Gould

This is the eighth episode in a podcast series following the investigation into the murder of Rebekah Gould. Listen to Episode 7.

Listen to Episode 08:

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In November 2020, a man named William Miller was arrested in Oregon and extradited to Arkansas for the murder of Rebekah Gould. Miller is the cousin of Casey McCullough, Rebekah’s boyfriend whose family owned the trailer where she was murdered. While this is a big step towards justice for Rebekah, much remains unknown about the facts of the case and the evidence against her accused killer.

(Left to right): Alice Buck, Dianna Cox, Jennifer Bucholtz, and Karen Looney met at Rebekah’s grave to reaffirm their dedication to bringing her justice. Image Credit: J. Bucholtz

In May 2021, Jen and her husband, Jesse, made a trip back to Arkansas. In the eighth episode of this season, hear from Rebekah’s dad, Dr. Larry Gould, about his reaction to Miller’s arrest as well as Jen and George’s interaction with Miller in their Facebook group in the months leading up to his arrest.

Also hear from some of the people who closely followed Rebekah’s case over the years and dedicated endless hours behind the scenes helping Jen and George throughout their investigation. The episode also pays tribute to one of Rebekah’s biggest advocates who, unfortunately, will not be able to see her killer brought to justice.


If you’d like to be a part of the effort and follow along, join the Facebook group dedicated to getting justice for Rebekah, Unsolved Murder of Rebekah Gould.


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If you have any information about Rebekah’s murder, send a confidential email to You can also read Jen’s 11-part article series with more details about the case.

Jennifer Bucholtz is faculty at American Military University. She is a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Agent and a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She holds a BS in criminal justice, MA in criminal justice and MS in forensic sciences. She worked for the Arizona DOC and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in NYC.

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